Since its foundation in the early 1960’s, St.Stephen’s School has always fostered the cultural and artistic talents of the student body. The extraordinarily high percentage of actors, film makers, photographers dancers, musicians, writers and artists among our alumni body confirm this fact. For many years, the Board of Trustees worked on the idea of creating a cultural center at the school which might become a fulcrum for cultural events for the St. Stephen’s School community as well as for the Rome community at large. The idea was to create a structure which could host, on school grounds, cultural events that are not necessarily organized by the students and faculty nor limited to the restricted St. Stephen’s community. In a world where globalization is the magic word, it was decided to make St.Stephen’s better known as a patron of Culture to a wider world.
The mission of St.Stephen’s Cultural Foundation is to organize cultural events for the benefits of students, teachers and parents as well as for the local Roman and international communities.
Cultural events such as lectures, evening presentations, musical and dance performances, master classes, film screenings and exhibitions have been offered since May 2006.

Agnès Martin
Founding Director -
St. Stephen's Cultural Center Foundation